Waxing vs. Shaving vs. Laser

Waxing vs. Shaving vs. Laser

There are lots of different options in hair removal, but they’re not all created equal.

At waxup, we’re proud to offer you the best, most cost-effective solution to getting smooth, fresh skin every time! It’s important to know the differences between each method of hair removal: waxing, shaving, and laser.

While shaving seems quicker, it sometimes leaves razor bumps and irritation. Especially in sensitive areas, shaving is known to cause itchiness. That can become very uncomfortable. There’s also the risk of nicking your skin and giving yourself a scar. 

Waxing is much gentler on the skin and leaves no stubble. You just have to remember the difference between hard wax and soft wax: don’t apply soft wax to the same area more than once in the same session. At-home waxing kits, like the ones we have at waxup, are simple and provide professional results at a fraction of the cost. Our best seller waxup roller waxing kit includes everything you need to start having silky smooth skin with the quality of a professional waxing salon or beauty spa. 

Laser hair removal can cost thousands of dollars and take many hours of sitting through painful zapping. Save yourself the hassle by treating your skin like your friend and staying home while nurturing it with waxup’s range of products. Rather than suffer through a session with a laser technician, choose waxup moisturize, wax, and protect your skin.

Our Marigold Pre-Wax Lotion leaves your skin clean and ready to wax. Our Almond Wax Remover Oil removes any leftover wax (and smells amazing). Our Aloe Vera Post-Waxing Gel protects your skin and locks in moisture.

Save money, time, and your skin by choosing waxup.