Before And After Waxing Skin Care Kit

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Before And After Waxing Skin Care Kit

$44.99 $54.99
Product description
  • Pre and Post Waxing Products Essentials are specially designed to cover your skin care need when waxing. Which ever your hair removal method is, from hard wax beads to soft roll on wax, these 3 bottles will prepare, clean, and refresh your waxing areas for a pleasant experience.

  • Step 1: Marigold – Pre-Wax Lotion (8 Fl. Oz). Use as a skin prep for your upcoming waxing session to remove impurities and residues of creams, lotions, and oils, this will help the wax stick to the hair that will be removed. Also, it can be used after your weekly exfoliating routine, it will help to clean and remove dead skin cells.

  • Step 2: Almond - Wax Remover Oil (8 Fl. Oz). When waxing is over some wax residues can be left on skin, remove them and eliminate stickiness by applying a few drops with cotton round. Hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Also, it can be use as a rubbing oil for massage therapy.

  • Step 3: Aloe Vera - Post-Waxing Gel (8 Fl. Oz). In case of sensitive skin or if any redness, make sure you have cleaned all wax residues, apply aloe vera post wax cooling gel to soothe and calm your skin irritation. Also, it can use after tanning or sunburn.

  • No parabens, not tested on animals, synthetic fragrance free, salicylic acid free.

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