Roll On Wax Warmer, Roller Wax Heater 120 volt.


Roll On Wax Warmer, Roller Wax Heater 120 volt.

Product description
  • Wax Heater for roll On wax cartridge system best to remove hair on large areas: legs, arms, back, chest, bikini.

  • Easy to use Roll On wax system, uses one thin layer of wax on skin to remove hair with paper strips (not included).

  • Make it a set, add Roll On Wax Cartridges and Non Woven Strips to your purchase.

  • INCLUDES: 1 Roll on wax warmer 120volts with faster heating capacity with detachable power cord for easier use.


1. Introduce the roll on wax cartridge inside the warmer, plug in the warmer to the already secured cable and verify the LED light is lit, indicating that the device is on. Heat the roll-on wax cartridge WITH SEAL ON for 30 min.

2. Unlock roll-on wax cartridge by placing a waxing strip on a hard surface and sliding roll-on over strips until wax slides easily.

3. Apply wax from the cartridge inside the warmer directly on the skin in parallel layers, following the direction of the hair growth without overlapping.

4. Place the strip over the wax layer on your skin and press firmly to make sure hair and wax adhered to the strip. With one hand, hold the skin and, with the other, pull the strip fast and firmly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Pull the strip perpendicular to the skin. Don't wax the same area twice; it may cause skin irritation.

5. After hair removal, use wax remover oil to eliminate any possible stickiness.

6. For long waxing sessions, plug and unplug the warmer as needed but be careful NOT TO LEAVE IT PLUGGED FOR MORE THAN 25 MINUTES AT A TIME.

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