Rose Roll On Wax Cartridges 50 Pack


Rose Roll On Wax Cartridges 50 Pack

Product description
  • EASY TO USE DEPILATORY WAX: simplify body waxing sessions; at home waxing with professional results.

  • BODY ROLLER WAX: work best to remove hair on large areas: legs, chest, arms, underarm, bikini, toes.

  • EFFICIENT: roll on cartridge waxing system uses a thin layer of soft wax on skin and paper strips to remove hair.

  • 100% NATURAL: beeswax, rose extracts; paraffin-free; for sensitive skin; low temp hot wax cartridge.

  • Wax rollers require body waxing strips and roll on wax warmer / roller wax heater (NOT included).

  • Dimensions: Base: L: 2-1/16"x W: 7/8"x H: 4-3/16". Roller head dimension: 2-3/16"x1-1/16"x1-1/16" (See specification image). Make sure your roll on wax warmer is the right size and heats at low temperature for waxup cartridges. 

  • WHAT'S INSIDE: 50 Rose Wax Cartridges 3.52oz. For wholesale orders email

waxup wax dissolves in oil (liposoluble) not water, so after your waxing session you'll need to apply an after wax remover oil, essential for removing wax residues and moisturize your skin.



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