A Complete Guide to Waxing Like a Pro!

A Complete Guide to Waxing Like a Pro!

Hard wax is one of the most popular waxing methods among estheticians and at-home waxers. The wax works its magic by attaching itself only to the hair follicle for a pain-free waxing session. Also, hard waxing can be done without waxing strips, making it less costly than other wax types. waxup’s Microwave Hard Black 3 Pack is the no-fuss waxing solution you need:


  • Convenient: Wax is microwaveable; no warming device needed.
  • Time saving: Heats up in just one minute. Stir wax after microwaving and you are ready to go!
  • Cost effective: Three individual 7-ounce containers include plenty of waxing sticks that allow for several waxing sessions or just one session of a large area.
  • Multi-purpose: Our gentle wax works especially well for sensitive areas on the face (upper lips, eyebrows, and baby nose hairs) yet is just as effective for underarms and bikini lines.


So, How Do I Use Hard Wax?

Be sure to only use a high-quality wax and care for the skin before and after waxing for best results. Always use the correct wax application temperature and only apply wax in the hair growth direction and remove it parallel to the skin against the hair growth direction.


When learning how to use hard wax, you need to know how to create a bulb. A bulb is the accumulation of wax surrounding the waxing stick after it has been heated in the microwave and is produced by twirling wax around like spaghetti on a fork. Your bulbs should be the right size for the area you’re waxing. Start by picking up a small to medium amount of wax on the stick. Then twirl your stick to ensure that the wax isn’t too thick or runny. You should be able to twirl the bulb with no drip for at least 2-3 seconds after it is picked up. Your bulbs should move slowly off your waxing stick like honey or molasses.


Now, Perfect Your Technique…

It is vital to apply the wax in the hair growth direction. Place wax on the highest point of the area you will be waxing and spread it down in the direction of hair growth with even pressure throughout.


When the entire bulb has accumulated onto the skin, you can start spreading it in the hair growth direction. Don’t be afraid to go back to your starting point to push more wax over to even out your strip.


After your wax sets on your skin, hold the skin taut with your free hand and remove the wax strip quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Apply pressure immediately on your skin to relieve any discomfort you may feel upon the removal of the wax strip. Voila, you are done!


…And Remember, Only Use High-Quality Hard Wax

Your main objective with waxing is to achieve long-lasting hair removal. Low-quality wax can tear or crack your skin or cause long-lasting skin damage. So be good to yourself and only use the best waxing products. Visit waxup to see our full range of waxing and skin products and enjoy a 25% discount during the month of November with any purchase of our Microwave Hard Wax Black 3 Pack.