#1 - Plug in the warmer and put the cartridge inside. Cover it with the cap to make sure that the whole unit is warming up correctly.

#2 - After 30 minutes, carefully remove the cartridge from the warmer and put it upside down to see if the wax has melted. Check how the bubble moves to make sure it is ready.

#3 - Pull the seal off the top slowly until you remove it completely. If it doesn’t peel off easily it means the wax needs to heat a little bit more.

#4 - Always unplug the heater before use.

#5 - To unlock the roller, take one of your waxing strips and slide the Roll-On wax on a hard surface, making sure it comes out evenly.

If you have trouble unlocking the roller, here is a little trick: put the strip over the warmer and push it with your fingers. This will force the wax to come out.

#6 - Prepare your skin by applying the Marigold Pre-Wax Lotion with a napkin until the skin looks nice and clean. You can also apply some baby powder before you start.


#7 - With the cartridge inside the warmer, apply the wax following the direction of the hair growth in thin parallel layers, without overlapping.

#8 - Place a waxing strip over one layer of wax and rub, applying pressure on the direction of the hair growth. Remove it with a fast and firm movement in the opposite direction of hair growth.

#9 - Plug in the warmer while you are not using it to make sure the wax remains at a consistent temperature.


#10 - To finish, apply the Almond Oil over the skin to remove all residues, hydrate and moisturize.