1. Before you start your waxing session clean the skin surface by removing any residues such as lotions, or sweat.

2. Heat the depilatory wax cartridge in an appropriate wax roller warmer for 35-40 min, keeping the SEAL ON.

3. Carefully remove the roll-on from the wax warmer, tilt up and down at least 4 times to make sure the wax has melted.

4. Once wax has melted, insert wax roller cartridge inside warmer, and remove the seal by unfolding the tabs on either side and slowly pulling upwards. While in use, keep the warmer plugged-in and the soft wax cartridge inside warmer to keep the wax at optimal temperature.

5. Unlock roller by sliding it over a waxing strip until wax slides easily. Discard test strips as wax may have spread unevenly.

6. Apply wax on the skin in parallel layers following the direction of the hair growth without overlapping. Place a strip over skin and rub. With one hand hold the skin and with the other pull the strip fast and firmly in the opposite direction to the growth of hair.