Dominate The Soccer Field This Season with waxup

Dominate The Soccer Field This Season with waxup

Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham are two of the most famous soccer players, known for their amazing talent and agility not to mention their well sculpted physiques. But what else do the two have in common? Hairless legs and bodies. It’s a little-known fact that professional soccer players either shave or wax their legs, some going as far as to wax their entire bodies.

Seems a bit extreme, right? There are quite a few reasons for it, and it’s not just for the professionals. If you want to play like an athlete, you must feel like an athlete. One way to do that is to take it one step further by looking like a real player who’s here to dominate.

Need to Run Faster? Time to Wax the Legs.

True, it doesn’t conform to “social norms” here in America but honestly, if it helps you play better, does it even matter? We at waxup don’t worry about what the other team and rest of the world thinks. We’re more concerned about optimizing your skills on and off the field, but it seems that not everyone is as willing to try something different.

Oddly enough, men have been known to shave or wax their legs for sports performance for a much longer time in history than women who more recently remove their leg hair simply for beauty. With a different goal in mind than aesthetics, athletes remove body hair for something called drag force.

A mechanical force (drag) can slow down someone who is running, as the body hair acts as a resisting force opposite the way the person is moving. It slows the runner down while also forcing him or her to use more energy to run the same speed. Though it hasn’t been scientifically proven some soccer players believe it helps the player become more aerodynamic, it sure seems to work on a psychological level.

The Athletic Tape Dilemma

Professional soccer players tape up their ankles before each game because with all the cutting and maneuvering a player does on the field, they need to reinforce their ankles to prevent injury. Taking the athletic tape off after the game can be a painful problem. The athletic tape is applied directly to the skin for more support. The tape sticks to their leg hair each time, ripping some out when the tape is removed. So, to save themselves the pain and hassle, players will simply get rid of their leg hair altogether instead of dealing with the pain after every game.

Tending to injuries is a much smoother process without all the heavy leg hair. A big reason players choose to wax their legs over shaving them is due to how shaving can negatively impact healing time.

Shaving can cause razor burn and ingrown hairs, leaving your skin more susceptible to infection- especially with an injury. To avoid this possibility altogether, athletes have found waxing to be preferable.

The Full Honey Roller Waxing Kit available to you from waxup provides you with everything you’ll need- from a wax warmer, wax strips, a roller, and lotion for your skin after you’re done.  (Oh, and don’t worry- any tattoos you have won’t be affected from waxing.) Perfect for a first timer, this kit makes waxing not just doable from home, but includes step by step instructions to make it as simple as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, our amazing five-star customer service team is here for you and ready to solve your problem. Now that’s waxup!

Achieve YOUR Goals Both on And Off the Field

Okay yeah, it does seem to have its advantages to be smooth and hairless while playing soccer, but what about the rest of the time? Well, I mean, soccer players claim that they wax their chests as well as their legs because it ‘reduces the friction from their jersey.’ Yet, those same athletes are known for their well- defined muscles, good looks, and somehow manage to keep their ink looking oh so fresh every time they’re seen with their shirts off. And how do they achieve this?  The same way they give their own game an edge, waxing.

Without body hair in the way, not only will your muscle tone be more visible, but your tattoos will look cleaner and more visible as well.

Knowing that you feel good, look good, and are consciously stepping up your game will give you the extra confidence every winner needs. When you feel confident, you play more confidently. Take your game to the next level with waxup and push social norms aside Now that’s waxup!