Reasons Why Triathletes Wax Their Legs

Reasons Why Triathletes Wax Their Legs

Harder, Better, Faster, Smoother: these are just some of the reasons why triathletes are mad about hair removal.

A triathlon is one of the most grueling multisport events around. Swimming, cycling and running over various distances takes its toll on the body and triathletes are always looking for a competitive edge.

Aerodynamics: Waxing your body can help reduce friction on the bike or in the water. Waxing is one significant way to gain an edge. It’s aerodynamic and makes the body feel incredibly swift which can contribute to faster performance times, also hairy arms will cause more drag than hairless arms.

An underappreciated benefit of waxing is the cool feeling you get when slicing through the wind or water. Even the feel of your bedsheets is a weird, but exciting experience. In sports, every little positive contributes to an improvement in performance.

Aesthetics: Leg muscles tend to look sleeker and more defined without hair in the way.

Massages: Triathletes need Massages because they are a great recovery tool and its not easy to do it with hairy legs.. It is much easier to get a massage with waxed, smooth legs.

It's Convenient: The constant putting on and off of triathlon gear can do real damage to your leg hair and also, temperature is another factor, triathletes feel cooler with waxed legs.

Waxing Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

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You’ve already proven to yourself that you have the resolve, the dedication, and the skills to look and perform at your absolute best. Now let us help you get that extra competitive edge. That’s waxup!