How to Care for Your Skin After Waxing with waxup

How to Care for Your Skin After Waxing with waxup

Little might you know; your post waxing care is just as important as how you prepare your skin to achieve pain free body waxing! After you wax your skin, your skin explodes with a histamine response which can cause issues like hives, ingrown hair, irritation, pimples, and other unwanted reactions! Ouch!

To avoid things like bad red spots after waxing, folliculitis, bumps after waxing, etc., you gotta develop a good after skin care routine to keep the histamine and inflammatory reaction under wraps, and to keep your freshly waxed skin looking smooth and clear. 

After waxing:

DO wear loose, flowing fabrics like cotton or linen to let the skin to breathe and any trapped heat to escape. 

DO be sure to remove all the wax from your skin using our hydrating Almond Wax Remover Oil. This makes sure the skin is free of stickies and that your skin is soothed. Remember to use it with a cotton ball!

DO apply a nourishing and calming after wax product, like our Aloe Vera Post Waxing Gel. Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory and a calming extract, keeping skin free of folliculitis after waxing, and red spots after waxing. 

DO exfoliate 1-3 days before waxing to have the best after-wax results!

And don’t - 

DON’T take a hot shower or go swimming directly after waxing! Both things can cause a reaction.  

DON’T go sunbathing after waxing – it is recommended by Dermatologists and Estheticians to avoid the sun for up to 48 hours after waxing, especially after waxing the bikini area, or waxing the face!

DON’T rub or touch the skin tons after waxing, as the bacteria transport from the hands into the freshly waxed skin, which can clog pores and cause infections, bumps, and irritation. No thanks!

DON’T sweat for 48 hours! This includes sex – sweating clogs freshly waxed pores, causing folliculitis after waxing, bumps after waxing, and pimples after waxing. Light and gentle workouts are cool!

A calming after waxing skin care routine like the Almond Wax Remover Oil and Aloe Vera Post Waxing Gel can be soothing to the skin, allowing you to avoid after wax issues. After care is super important, just like your prep, so don’t skip these steps if you want to maintain smooth, pain free body waxing at home!