How to Prep Your Skin Before Waxing with wax roller

How to Prep Your Skin Before Waxing with wax roller

Some other waxing brands out there might offer you a full kit for purchase, but would they help you prep your skin before waxing? Understanding how to use a roll-on wax kit is a totes VIP step when using waxup, but a full body waxing kit is just part of the puzzle for achieving smooth and beautiful skin. And the more you know about how to prep your skin before waxing, the more likely you’ll have a pain free body wax experience. 

Using a roll-on waxer can be a totally new experience for you, or you might be a pro waxup roll-on waxer already! The key to having a smooth and pain free body wax experience is to follow the major pre-waxing steps, and you can do this by following some handy tips and tricks on how to prepare your skin for waxing. This essential info will help prevent from screaming “this ripped my skin off!” And instead, will leave you feeling relaxed, fresh, stoked, and hair free. 

So where to start?

  1. Start by making sure the skin is clean. Jumping into waxing without cleansing the skin can cause hairs to be missed and increases your chances of ingrown hairs and infected bumps. Yikes! You can do this super simply by using the Marigold Pre-Wax lotion, and a cotton round. This is a mega step!
  2. Exfoliate! Make sure to exfoliate the skin 1-3 days before waxing. Using a gentle scrub, a dry brush, an exfoliating mitt, or even a mild chemical exfoliant will make sure that you avoid ingrown hairs, and that you have a more pain free waxing experience. Exfoliating also helps the wax and strips to stick to the hairs of your body, not to your dead skin! Dead skin buildup can cause your waxing experience to be more painful – we are aiming for effortless! 
  3. Moisturize before you wax! Keeping your skin hydrated and soft ensures that the wax sticks appropriately to the hair, makes application easier, and prevents irritation. Be sure to moisturize up to the day before of waxing, as on your waxing day you want to be sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the wax.  
  4. Depending on which area of the body you’re waxing, you want to avoid sun exposure 48 hours before waxing. For areas like the lip, eyebrows, bikini line, or belly, waxing after sun exposure can cause skin irritation, pain, and increases the chances of torn skin – no thank you! Make sure to plan ahead so you can have the ultimate pain free waxing experience. 
  5. Are you taking or using any retinol products? Best to hold off before waxing. Products with Vitamin A (like retinol or retinoids) thin the skin, making irritation, infection, and torn skin a more likely issue to deal with when waxing! Physicians and Estheticians recommend ceasing use 2 weeks before your at-home, gentle and effortless, roll-on wax experience. 
  6. Let that hair grow! When preparing for body waxing, it is best to let the hair grow to at least ¼”. This ensures that you don’t get broken hairs, missed hairs, and most importantly that the hair is in the correct stage of growth so that you take it by the root, thus reducing premature growth! 
  7. Dodge lesions and moles! It is not recommended to wax over these sensitive little spots, so be sure to cover them with a band-aid or try to avoid them when applying the wax with your roll-on wax hair removal kit. 

Waxing at-home can be a super convenient and empowering experience, so be sure to follow these essential tips and tricks to start the path to becoming a self-waxing master. When you properly prep for waxing lots of unwanted outcomes can be easily avoided, hope this info is useful and enjoy the results of a great unwanted hair removal experience!