Men, it's time to talk about waxing

Men, it's time to talk about waxing

Looking for a Confidence Boost? Time to Get Serious About Manscaping!

Men, let's talk about grooming ‘down there.’ Manscaping was once a taboo subject. No longer.

For those not in the know, “manscaping” is a term conjured by the grooming industry to describe the act of dealing with any hair below the neckline. More and more men have caught the manscaping fever, particularly during the pandemic with more time on their hands spent at home. Where once good nether-regions hygiene consisted of a good shower and perhaps a few high-end haircare and shaving products, these days a whole host of men’s grooming products are now available.

Men are more aware of their own personal hygiene, coupled with a dissipating stigma around talking about it. This allows for a larger market looking for proper male grooming products and tools. Additionally, the demand from romantic partners for a ‘smooth experience’ is growing. Couples worldwide are having open conversations with their partners about grooming.

waxup can help with all of your at-home, manscaping needs. Our roll on wax is a great alternative to the conventional method of waxing. It does not drip, and there’s no cleaning of sticky wax pots or spatulas. Roll on wax is also hygienic: a single-use roll on wax cartridge ensures that no cross-contamination takes place which can be a risk with using large wax pots and applicators.  

After your manscaping session is complete, be sure to remove any leftover wax or stickiness with our Before and After Waxing Skincare Kit. The calming oils soothe irritation while moisturizing the skin at the same time.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your new wax. That’s waxup!