Nose Hair Waxing Is the New Normal

Nose Hair Waxing Is the New Normal

If you’ve noticed you have a few (or more than a few) nose hairs that are visible, you’re not alone. Of course, though, you only seem to notice unruly nose hairs at the last minute. Maybe you’re finally meeting the person you’ve been talking to on a dating app for the first time, or perhaps you’re double-checking in the mirror that your tie is on straight for your interview and then, those nose hairs you always forget about. 

Tweezing can be even more painful than waxing and trimming your nose hair means you’ll have to do so every few days to maintain it.

You’d think that turning to waxing is a bit extreme, but if you can try it out in your own home, suddenly waxing your nose hairs seems less intense. Plus, if you use waxup Black Mud Microwave Wax for the job, it’s even easier. All you need to have is a microwave to heat up the wax and an applicator. 

Why Is Nostril Waxing Becoming So Popular So Fast? 

The answer to this question is easy, good news travels fast. As at-home waxing has become more readily available, and especially now that microwavable wax has made waxing so easy, some daring and forward-thinking people have decided to finally see if waxing nose hair at home can be easy and fuss-free. 

There are many good reasons to consider waxing as your nose hair removal method.

Nose hair waxing removes the hair directly from the root, meaning an entirely new hair needs to grow in its place, which can take weeks. The hair that grows back is usually finer, and, as you keep waxing, will start to grow in more slowly. 

The stubble that grows in your nose after trimming can be itchy, or tickles, and never all that comfortable. This is especially true when rubbing or blowing your nose. 

Plus, the small nicks and cuts that are always a possibility when you’re trimming won’t be an issue with waxing. Those small cuts never seem to heal, and quite honestly, take away from your polished appearance you were trying to achieve. 

The Sweet Smell of Victory After Waxing

Those who have been able to muster up the willpower to wax their nose hairs are finally able to achieve that polished look that everyone was shooting for. waxup has made it simple and easy to try waxing at home for yourself. Now you can look your best and feel your best too, now that’s waxup!