Set up your at home hair removal with waxup wax roller kit

Set up your at home hair removal with waxup wax roller kit

Waxing at home with waxup isn't difficult once you have the right tools and know what to do, so read on for all your waxing needs!

Here are the things you need for a successful roll-on wax session.

  • You'll need the waxup wax warmer and cartridge to heat the roll-on wax. 
  • You'll need the paper cloths for lifting the wax and hair from the skin.
  • You should also have some pre-wax cleanser so your skin is properly cleansed before rolling on the first layer of hot wax.

If you are looking to get everything you need to get started, check the waxup all-in-one kits that save your time and money.

All your supplies in one place

  • Set aside a specific place to store all your supplies. If you keep everything together, it will be easier for you to find what you need when you are ready for your waxing session.
  • Organize your supplies so that the things used first go at the front of your stash. For example, if waxing strips are used first, place them at the front of your collection so that they’re easy to grab when needed.

A good wax warmer

It's important that your wax warmer can heat up the wax to at least 160 degrees, but it also needs to heat up your wax evenly. Be sure to take out the cartridge once the wax is warmed up and make sure there are bubbles in the wax! It will take about 30 minutes to warm up properly.

Wax cartridge

The cartridge contains a large amount of reusable wax, which can be heated and applied to your skin easily and mess-free. You will use very little of the wax in your cartridge with each application—so don’t worry about having to throw it away!

Prep solution (pre-wax cleanser)

The pre-wax cleanser is a product that is applied to the skin prior to waxing. It helps remove dead skin cells and softens up your skin so that when you wax, it will be easier to remove hair from your body. By applying this cleanser before getting waxed, you can expect:

  • Less pain during and after your session
  • Quicker healing time (reduced redness)
  • Fewer ingrown hairs (redness)

Post wax oil and gel

After you remove the wax, it is important to apply the post wax oil and gel to your skin. This will reduce redness and inflammation, keep the skin supple and hydrated, and allow you to go out in public immediately after getting waxed without feeling like a walking sunburn!

Post-wax products can also be used as moisturizers for dry areas on your body such as elbows and knees. They can also be used as massage oils for tired muscles in need of some TLC after working out at the gym all day long!

You'll also find that these serums make excellent makeup primers if applied beforehand since they contain natural oils which help create an even canvas upon which pigments can be applied smoothly without dragging or pulling off layers of dead skin cells first (this is especially true when using foundation over areas covered with ingrown hairs).

We hope this was helpful in helping sort out your roll-on waxing session. What are some of your favorite items? Do you have any tips for other readers? We'd love to hear from you!