The Benefits of At-Home Waxing

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You don’t have to go anywhere to get summer-ready skin! With waxup’s home wax kits, you can get smooth, radiant skin without leaving the house. Professional results from home are only a click away with waxup. 

No more making appointments to wait at packed salons. At-home waxing is a safe and simple way to stay fresh and feeling good. Why put your skin through itchy stubble and nicks that might turn into scars? The best way to get the look you want and keep it is with our home wax kits.

You’ll find the finest ingredients in our products. From preparing your skin, to fuss-free waxing, to soothing aftercare, waxup has you covered!

Hard wax tends to work better for sensitive parts of your body, like your bikini line. You can apply hard wax again in the same session without damaging the skin. It doesn’t leave behind as much sticky residue either. When you’re waxing your face, underarms, or bikini line, hard wax is the way to go. Soft wax works better for large areas, like your legs or back. It sticks to both your hair and your skin, so you’re exfoliating while you’re waxing. Both hard wax and soft wax have their advantages. We offer both kinds in our wide range of products.

At-home waxing is super convenient, too. Our waxup Microwave Hard Wax Kit is ready to use in 1 minute and is the perfect wax kit for eyebrows, bikini line, and other sensitive areas. Rather than having to drive over to a salon that might be crowded, heat our waxup Microwave Hard Wax Kit in 60 seconds and feel like a new you!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your new wax. That’s waxup!