waxup with Swimmers Being Completely Hairless?

waxup with Swimmers Being Completely Hairless?

One of the few sports that is known for their hairless athletes is swimming. Regardless of gender, these athletes remove hair all the way from their backs down to their toes. So, you’re asking yourself, whats up with that?

Every Nanosecond Counts in Swimming

The concept of drag (we described in this post: Dominate the Soccer Field This Season with waxup) is essentially how body hair creates resistance in the opposite direction you’re moving, slowing down your potential speed. Swimming is the only sport that when removing body hair has made a scientifically proven difference in time. Though the time saving is just nanoseconds, that can be the deciding factor in a competition.

Being more hydrodynamic in water involves more than just being hairless. Swimmers also remove their hair because the extra layer of dead skin cells that accumulates over time on the body is also removed. This further helps to improve their swimming speed.

It is quite common for swimmers to practice while still covered in body hair and dead skin, and even go as far as wearing drag suits to do laps. This allows them to become accustomed to using more energy to go the same distance, slowing them down.

When competitions begin, swimmers remove those extra layers. This pays off in a big way, as becoming suddenly more hydrodynamic can help to improve swimming speeds. So, when it comes to removing body hair to improve athletic performance, waxup is ready to help. Waxing off a few seconds with our  Honey Roller waxing kit now that’s waxup!

Why Use Wax When Shaving Is an Option?

Shaving is the most common, and easiest way to remove unwanted hair, but that doesn't mean it is the most effective or efficient way to do so. Waxing has proven to be the preferred method of hair removal for professional swimmers. The side effects from shaving can have a more negative impact on performance.

Waxing your body can be intimidating, but waxing has a lot of benefits over shaving.

  • Stubble starts growing in within 2-72 hours of shaving, while it takes 4-8 weeks for hair to grow back if you’ve waxed the hair from your body
  • Shaving creates a much higher potential for infection, irritation, and friction against swimwear
  • Ingrown hairs are a major problem with shaving because infections can lead to folliculitis
  • Daily maintenance is not necessary after waxing, as opposed to shaving which requires daily attention

Waxing At Home Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

waxup has a line of products that makes home waxing easy and affordable. From roll on wax kits to hard wax kits we have you covered. Products like the waxup  Hard Wax Black Mud  only requires a microwave. The formula is designed to be as simple as waxing can be. No cloth strips, wax rollers, or wax warmers required. waxup products are easy to use, effective and paraben free.

The only thing you need to become the best swimmer is personal resolve. You can reap the same benefits that other professional athletes achieve, but all that depends on you.

Prove to yourself that you have the resolve, the dedication, and the skills to look and perform at your very best. Now that’s waxup!