Aloe Roller Waxing Kit


Aloe Roller Waxing Kit

Product description


New to at-home waxing? Skip the hassle of figuring out what you need to buy with our body waxing kit for women and men; we've already included everything you need to start having silky smooth skin with the quality of a professional waxing salon or beauty spa.


waxup line of Roll-On waxes is mess-free and easy to use! With a unique blend of wax for regular and coarse hair removal, we have everything you need for easy, effective, and gentle body waxing. Experience how this hair removal soft wax leaves your skin completely smooth, clean, and soft with the same finish as a waxing salon.

Our products are made with the best materials, unlike other roller wax warmers, heaters, and other depilation machines on the market, so you'll be able to keep using your roll on wax warmer after you run out of wax cartridges and non-woven waxing strips included in this body waxing kit for women and men, find and get them here as separate items.

  • EASY TO USE: simplify your body waxing sessions; at home waxing with professional results.

  • BODY WAXING KIT: work best to remove hair on large areas: legs, arms, back, chest.

  • EFFICIENT: the system uses one thin layer of wax on skin to remove hair with paper strips.

  • New Roll on wax warmer 120volts with faster heating capacity with detachable power cord for easier use.

  • Includes: 1 Electric roll on wax warmer, 2 Aloe roll-on hair wax cartridges, 25 Non woven strips 3"x9", 1 Almond wax remover oil 1.8Oz.