Elite Gold Roller Waxing Kit

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Elite Gold Roller Waxing Kit

$59.99 $69.99
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New to at-home waxing? Skip the hassle of figuring out what you need to buy with our body waxing kit for women and men; we've already included everything you need to start having silky smooth skin with the quality of a professional waxing salon or beauty spa.


waxup line of Roll-On waxes is mess-free and easy to use! With a unique blend of wax for regular and coarse hair removal, we have everything you need for easy, effective, and gentle body waxing. Experience how this hair removal soft wax leaves your skin completely smooth, clean, and soft with the same finish as a waxing salon.

Our products are made with the best materials, unlike other roller wax warmers, heaters, and other depilation machines on the market, so you'll be able to keep using your roll on wax warmer after you run out of wax cartridges and non-woven waxing strips included in this body waxing kit for women and men, find and get them here as separate items.

  • EASY TO USE: simplify your body waxing sessions; at home waxing with professional results.

  • BODY WAXING KIT: work best to remove hair on large areas: legs, arms, back, chest.

  • EFFICIENT: the system uses one thin layer of wax on skin to remove hair with paper strips.

  • New Roll on wax warmer 120volts with faster heating capacity with detachable power cord for easier use.

  • Includes: 1 Electric roll on wax warmer, 2 Gold roll-on hair wax cartridges, 25 Non woven strips 3"x9", 1 Almond wax remover oil 1.8Oz.


One (1) Electric Roll-On Warmer

Plugin the warmer to the already secured cable and verify the LED light is lit, indicating that the device is on. Heat the roll-on WITH SEAL ON for 20-25 min. Then, the wax will be ready to use. Carefully remove the roll-on from the warmer tilt up and down at least four times to make sure the wax has melted. And put it back inside; the good part is just getting started!

Two (2) Aloe Roll-On Hair Removal Wax Cartridges

The Soft Wax Gold Formula has a better grip for toughest hair, and is best for normal to oily skin.

Wax Rollers dispense the proper amount of wax to effectively remove hair without wasting or the need for applicators. Perfect for large areas such as legs or arms.


 Twenty-five (25) Non-Woven Wax Strips

Pre-cut, highly resistant, non-woven paper specially developed for hair removal helps speed up the waxing process allowing for a less painful, more comfortable experience.


One (1) Almond Oil Wax Remover

waxup wax dissolves in oil (liposoluble), not water, so after your waxing session, you'll need to apply an after wax remover oil, essential for removing wax residues and moisturizing your skin.



1. Plug in the warmer to the already secured cable and verify the LED light is lit, indicating that the device is on. Heat the roll-on WITH SEAL ON for 30 min.

2. Unlock roll-on by placing a waxing strip on a hard surface and sliding roll-on over strips until wax slides easily.

3. Apply wax from the cartridge inside the warmer directly on the skin in parallel layers, following the direction of the hair growth without overlapping.

4. Place the strip over the wax layer on your skin and press firmly to make sure hair and wax adhered to the strip. With one hand, hold the skin and, with the other, pull the strip fast and firmly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Pull the strip perpendicular to the skin. Don't wax the same area twice; it may cause skin irritation.

5. After hair removal, use wax remover oil to eliminate any possible stickiness.

6. For long waxing sessions, plug and unplug the warmer as needed but be careful NOT TO LEAVE IT PLUGGED FOR MORE THAN 25 MINUTES AT A TIME.


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  • arms
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